Officer Robert Kozminski Memorial

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we all love you, cousin. we'll remember you always. we miss you.
Margaret Kozminski - Cousin March 4, 2019

Remembering you and your family on this day. God Bless you all.
Kathy - Grateful Citizen July 8, 2014

I give thanks to all of those who helped me through the rough times I am getting older now and I am understanding what all of this means. I miss my dad so much. Every night I try to take the time to pray. I could never made it through this without a family, my dad's friends,and all of the police officers at the GRPD. As you a know I am getting much old on April 20,2014 I will be 10. I miss my dad and I know I will get to see home again. I look at the moon and the days and I say in my mind dad you are up the for real. He may not be here any more but he is STLL a HERO!❤️👮
Kailey - Daughter April 13, 2014

Thinking about the events of the night you left this world as the anniversary approaches. So many lives intersected to change so many, many things. Your memory lives on, strong in the hearts of those whose lives that were touched by yours, before that night and because of it. Rest in peace good man.
Kristine July 5, 2013

I remember the day it happened like it was yesterday.My heart broke for your mom and dad and whole family. I come to your resting place every couple months, just to leave a note or somethimg to let your family know you will NEVER be forgotten. God love you all. R.I.P. Bobby.
Kathy - Grateful Citizen July 4, 2013

Bob, you were dating my aunt, I would just like to say I salute you and I am considering to be a cop because of you. You inspired me to protect people and you are a hero. For my aunt she now has a beautiful baby girl named Delaynie. She is eleven months old. R.I.P.
Brett - Friend March 18, 2013

Dear Kailey[daughter],
I am your cousin Owen and I am really sad about what happened to your dad and my uncle so I am trying to make a stand at school to help you because I am part of the school board.
yours truly,
Owen Coretti - Nephew May 15, 2012

Dear Officer Kozminski

As I was returning to work after lunch today, I saw a GRPD officer out on patrol, and I thought of you. Your courageous and selfless actions four years ago have deepened the respect and regard I have for your brothers and sisters who put themselves at risk every day to protect us all.

You will not be forgotten.
Anonymous - Grateful Citizen December 13, 2011

Officer Kozminski,

I didn't know you, but I remember that night just like it was tonight. Breaking news came on and I couldn't believe it. I was shocked and my heart ached just thinking and knowing how much pain your friends and family would forever hold in their hearts. It is unfair that this had to happen, but I know you saved lives in return sacraficing the greatest gift that could ever be given. In saying that, I know where your soul rests. Although you are no longer on this earth, know that you forever live in the hearts of your friends, family, and all of those people you have touched.

Thank you and God bless
Unknown - Community Member October 25, 2011

This world will never be the same without you brother! I can truly tell you that your family and friends miss you like crazy. I know you have a better seat for college football and basketball games than we do down here.
Shawn Bishop - Friend August 21, 2011

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