Officer Robert Kozminski Memorial

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It is not how they is how they lived. You will NEVER be forgotten Koz!
Grpd Unity Tour Team - Coworkers May 16, 2010

i will never forget you bob!!!!!
Brett - Friend July 8, 2009

Officer Kominsky although we never met, I salute you sir. You served your community and fellow officers to the best of your ability. Thank you sir.
Chaplain Mark O'reilly February 22, 2009

i miss you so much bobby. i cant wait to see you again and say how much i miss you.
Unidentified September 22, 2008

May Your Soul Rest - In - Peace.

Semper Fi,
"Major Pain"
Maj M. B. Parlor July 8, 2008

Being a United States Navy Veteran It always hurts me to
hear. I know many on the GRPD and GRFD Departments.
I met Officer Kozminski a few times.
GRPD made a very wise choice having him in the Department.
I grew up very near where it happened.
The Memorial is still there and I help keep it there.

My Salute and Prayers.
Fred Kozminski - Distant Relative High Respect July 7, 2008

Bobby, it's almost been a year and I can't believe that. You will always be remembered for the hero and great man that you were. We miss you so much and I hate the fact that your killer is sitting in jail for the rest of his life. We did get justice for you though, wish there was more that I could do to help. Always loving and missing you.
Melissa Witherspoon - Cousin July 2, 2008


You will never leave anybodys geart we all miss you and can wait to be with our hero again Loce ya Uncle bob
Taylor Lamb - Nephew May 22, 2008

Thank you for keeping us safe through these trying times. I miss you a lot and you were just my cousin. I wish there was something we could have done to save you. You did save a mother and her two sons from being killed themselves. You were a good man and you will never be forgotten. You are always and forever my HERO. I love you and miss you
Melissa Witherspoon - Cousin March 18, 2008

From everyone at Ottawa County our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Robert Kozminski.
Thank you for everything you did, you have and continue to make a difference.
Tim Wierenga - Ottawa County March 6, 2008

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