Final Farewell: Inside the Church Service
By Phil Dawson
Grand Rapids - His friends say Grand Rapids Police Officer Bob Kozminski loved to talk about his little girl Kailey how smart and talented she is.

“We were like school children braggin' on our kids trying to one up each other .I'd say how Dawson was walking he's say Kailey was running, he (Kozminski) was so proud of her,” said Officer Joseph Trigg.

The people who knew and served with Officer Robert Kozminski say he was a warm, funny guy, a good policeman who cared about his job and family....and why did he have to die so young.

“Why someone so young and full of promise did things right to help other people why no longer among us we can ask till we are blue in the face and never come up with an answer,” said Pastor Mark Prybysz in his eulogy.

Two by two hundreds of police officers from around the state, around the country, lined up to salute Officer Kozminski...he was shot to death at a house where a man was threatening to kill his wife and two sons, instead officer Kozminski was killed.

“The family survived because the Kozminski family raised a young man named Robert who believed the innocent should be protected from harm at all costs,” said Grand Rapids Police Chief Harry Dolan.

“No one has greater love than this to lay down ones life for a friend,” said Deacon Leo Ferguson.

Officer Kozminski's survivors include his 3 year old daughter Kailey, his parents, 6 brothers and sisters, his friends, and admirers say his life and death should be an inspiration to others.

“If we really want to salute this man who's a hero in our midst then we need to do what he was about and being a peacemaker,” said Pastor Prybysz.
“Our hope and our prayer that the family officer Kozminski saved will have a life free from domestic violence,” said Chief Dolan.

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