Final Farewell: Thousands say goodbye to fallen officer
By Lambrini Lukidis

Grand Rapids - The services for Officer Bob Kozminski began at 11am Friday morning. The fallen officer's funeral at St. Anthony's Church in Grand Rapids was attended by hundreds of people--- including hundreds of officers from Michigan, the U.S. and even Scotland.

Fifteen hundred officers attended the funeral along with hundreds of mourners. The streets of the procession were lined with families, as well as sons and daughters of police officers.

Many stood waiving flags and holding signs showing support for the Kozminski family. Three motor cycle officers representing each of the police divisions led hundreds of vehicles. White gloved officers waived through the windows of patrol cars and busses, mouthing "Thank you."

Tears filled the eyes of friends and family as they drove slowly past a community that, like them, is still in shock.
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