Hundreds attend visitation for fallen officer
By Lambrini Lukidis
GRAND RAPIDS - The funeral for Grand Rapids Police Officer Robert Kozminski begins Friday morning at 11am. It will take place at St. Anthony's Church on Richmond Street.

Thursday night his grieving family sat in front of hundreds who repeated the Rosary before his flag-draped casket. The mourners' words of sympathy to the family took longer than the service itself. The memorial service was a chance for the public, unable to attend Friday's funeral, to express their condolences.

“I talked to Dan, he's still in shock," said Arlene Staeven of brother Dan Kozminski.

Kozminski's best friend on the department Joseph Trigg and police Chief Harry Dolan who first welcomed him on the force were among the rows of officers who sat beside the family. An expression that's sure to offer some comfort.

""I'm sure they have to be, anybody would. For all the friends and family that have shown up," said Staeven.

Others like Tammie Burns who was an acquaintance said, “You can't find a more upstanding guy. It's just too bad that he has a three year old daughter out there without a daddy."

Kozminski's dedication to service was even recognized by Betty Ford who sent her son-in-law Vaden Bales from Arizona.

"When we found out this had happened Mom Ford insisted, and I didn't have to be coaxed, but she wanted me to come by and express the family's condolences and sympathy for him and his family for this community because this community is a big part of the Ford family and legacy."

Mostly in attendance though were people like the English family who just wanted to say thank you.

“We felt it was important for our boys to understand and appreciate how these men and women put their lives in danger, and how important it we recognize and appreciate and respect them for what they do."
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