Fallen officer's partner talks about the loss
By WZZM 13
GRAND RAPIDS - The murder of Officer Bob Kozminski is affecting all of the men and women on the Grand Rapids Police Force, but especially his closest friend in the department.

Officer Joseph Trigg and Officer Bob Kozminski worked the 3rd shift and patrolled the city's northeast side together. Trigg talked to WZZM 13 on Tuesday. He says he joined the department a year after Bob Kozminski and they became friends. Trigg says Officer Kozminski showed him the expectations of the job and taught him to ‘go when you are called, and go fast.'

Trigg says he was off the night his friend was shot and he can't help but think if he had been there he could have done something to help him. "That's what I'm struggling with now. I know there's really nothing I can do. I'm not superman by any means,” says Trigg.

Despite that knowledge he can't help but wonder, "... you always think that way whether it's your kid that's hurt in some way and you weren't there, you always think you have done something. I'm not thinking I could have stopped the suspect or anything but maybe we would have been doing something else."

Officer Trigg says he has not worked since the death of his friend, taking some time off. He says as badly as he feels, he knows it's only a fraction of the pain officer Kozminski's family is dealing with right now.
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