GRPD officers head to Washington DC to honor Bob Kozminski
By Sarah Sell
Several police officers in Grand Rapids will soon take part in a cross country bike ride that will end at the National Police Memorial in Washington DC.

It's all in memory of Grand Rapids Police Officer Robert Kozminski.

Bright and early Thursday morning, about 10 Grand Rapids officers will hit the road and embark on the journey they will likely never forget. Officer Jana Forner says, “I can't even describe what I think it's going to be like. I think it's going to be a very emotional experience."

Officer Forner is joining the “Unity Tour” for the first time. She and the others will drive to New Jersey. Then, they will unload their bikes and ride 300 miles to Washington DC.

"I'm kind of just getting started in biking, so I thought this was a good goal for me and a good cause. To ride in honor of a man who lost his life for the rest of us who are still working."

Forner is referring to Officer Bob Kozminski. He was killed in the line of duty last July and will be one of several officers added to the National Police Memorial. A candlelight vigil is held every year.

"It's probably one of the most emotional experiences that I've ever had", says Officer Amanda Linklater.

This will be her 4th trip. She's usually the only one from Grand Rapids, but this time, she's got company. The group of 10 officers felt compelled to go.

“Although we're riding for every officer that's been killed in the line of duty, for all of the Grand Rapids officers, the death of Officer Kozminski is foremost on our minds."

The vigil for the new additions to the memorial will be held on Tuesday, with another larger memorial on Wednesday.
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