Kozminski family speaks out; thanks community
By Wood TV
GRAND RAPIDS - 24 Hour News 8 sat down with Richard and Maria Kozminski, the parents of fallen Grand Rapids police officer Bob Kozminski.

Until now, the Kozminski family has said very little in public about the killing of their youngest child, GRPD Officer Bob Kozminski.

With no malice in their heart, they spoke of justice being served. "I don't want revenge," said Maria Kozminski. "I just want justice served for my son."

"A lot of people said to us, now it's over. It's never going to be over," Richard Kozminski said. "The trial may be over, but when we go back home and are alone, we think about our Bobby all the time. And it's never going to be over. He'll always be in our hearts and minds."

"We personally don't hold anything against the parents or siblings of the man who killed our son," said Maria Kozminski. "Whatever the sentence is for Jeffrey VanVels, it will be justice for taking my young son's life."

"I firmly believe Bobby went there and he helped protect and save his family from being harmed or injured. I also believe our son saved another officer from being shot and possible killed," Richard Kozminski said. "Even after he was shot, he was still doing his job, serving and protecting the people in the community."

"We don't want him to be forgotten. He sacrificed his life for the community of Grand Rapids," a tearful Maria Kozminski said. "Never want him forgotten."
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