Officer Kozminski's Family Thanks the Community
By Joshua Aldredge
July Eighth will always be a somber day for Grand Rapids Police and for the family of Officer Bob Kozminski.

Since his death, there has been an outpouring of support for Officer Kozminski's family and SAturday, they wanted everyone to know they appreciate it.

The Kozminski family still gets emotional when they talk about their son, but they wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who helped them out.

They say they were especially moved by the show of support from the community.

"It was the most heart touching moment in all of our lives," said Richard Kozminski. "We'll never forget that, ever."

Richard and Maria Kozminski say it was an amazing sight. Hundreds of people lined the streets of Grand Rapids to pay their respects after their son, Officer Bob Kozminski, died. They say it helped them deal with their loss.

"He was our youngest child, he was our baby, but he was a true hero," said Maria Kozminski.

The Kozminski's six other children gathered around as their parents spoke publicly for the first time. They all attended a fundraiser at Gracewil Country Club. Bob's 3-year-old daughter Kailey was also there.

The family says they are trying to keep Bob's memory alive with Kailey and the community.

Now, the family wants some good to come out of what happened. Saturday's event is the first Bob Kozminski memorial Classic Golf Outing.

It will raise money for a scholarship in Bob's name. Family members say they hope it will continue for many years.

"When the going got tough, our son got going and he paid for it with his life," said Maria Kozminski. "We just don't want anyone to ever forget the sacrifice he made for the Grand Rapids community."

The Kozminski family says so many people helped them out over the past few months. The list is too long to mention everyone, but they insisted on talking about the community. They say the community's support has moved them the most.
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