Letter from 3 year old daughter among notes left for fallen officer
By WZZM 13
Grand Rapids - A goodbye message from his three year old daughter rests among the dozens of flower arrangements and momentos left for officer Robert Kozminski.

His nieces and brother-in law placed flowers writing goodbye to their Uncle Bobby.

Close friends were comforted by officers who share in their grief.

"When you do a job like police work and you work with people on various things, there is a bond and you feel like a brother, so we feel like we've lost someone from our family," said Lt. Ralph Mason of the Grand Rapids Police Department.

The Kent County Sheriff's Department is also mourning.

Kozminski started his law enforcement career as a cadet in Kent County.

"He never hesitated he always was committed to serving the community. In his life he certainly gives us an example to follow and in his death he gives us something to all live for," said Sheriff Larry Stelma.

Fellow police officers are wearing black bands across their badges as a sign of mourning and the entire department is touched by the genuine show of support.

"When we see people coming in and laying flowers and shaking hands it just lets us know how much people care," said Lt. Mason.
Complete strangers have offered prayers, and those who knew Kozminski as an officer felt compelled to come.

"Officers protect the neighborhood and he lost his life doing something to help others," said community member Marian Barrera-Young.

That kind of gratitude comforts those still serving and they hope it will be enough to console the Kozminski's as they grieve.
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