Funeral for fallen GRPD officer
By WZZM 13
GRAND RAPIDS - The funeral for police officer Bob Kozminski, killed in the line of duty early Sunday morning, has come to a close.

Officer Joseph Trigg, Police Chief Harry Dolan and Mayor George Heartwell all spoke during the service.

In his remarks, Chief Dolan remarked that if you wanted a family to represent the city of Grand Rapids, you would choose the Kozminski family.

Hundreds of friends, family and mourners gathered at Saint Anthony's church on Richmond Street in Grand Rapids.

The funeral began at 11:00AM on Friday morning.

To the sound of a solo piano playing an arrangement of Amazing Grace, Bishop Walter A. Hurley preceded the coffin down the aisle of Saint Anthony's.

A honor guard of police officers served as pall bearers as the white shrouded coffin was wheeled down to the church altar.

The family of Officer Bob Kozminski, some wearing GRPD softball uniform jerseys followed the procession.

GRPD Police Chief Harry Dolan then led the entire Grand Rapids Police Force to the coffin. The GRPD lined up in a double column, two by two, wearing white gloves. Each group paused at the coffin and saluted.

Following after the GRPD, officers from other police departments approached the coffin and saluted.

Police from across the state, the county and other countries are in attendance to honor their fellow officer.
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